The Wine and Cheer Cart

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The Wine and Cheer Cart.

The Wine and Cheer Cart is specifically designed for beverage alcohol retailers, and made with bottles in mind.

The company is currently in nine states, and expanding.

“Generally speaking, liquor store owners haven’t seen the cart as a way to increase revenue, mostly due to the fact that until now all they had to offer their customers were grocery store shopping carts,” says Thomas Santolli, co-founder. “Grocery store carts create ‘customer reluctance’. People don’t like the bottles rolling around and clanking together and sometimes breaking. The Wine and Cheer Cart solves all those problems. The single most effective way to increase revenue is to increase cart usage.”


Specifications are as follows:

  • The top basket has rings for 14 bottles. Ten-750-ml. bottles, two 1.5-ml. and two-1.75-ml.
  • The bottom tray holds six 30-packs of beer, more than a standard grocery store cart.
  • The rear basket can accommodate two 12-packs of beer or eight-750-ml. bottles or three 1.75-ml. bottles. 
  • The cart weighs 55 pounds. “There are similar size carts on the market weighing 38 pounds,” says Santolli. “We used heavy gauge steel for strength and longevity.”
  • The carts nest to 10″. When they nest together, each cart makes the line 10 inches longer.​

Customers can choose their color, and have their logo printed on the handles, Santolli says. The carts come fully assembled and ready for use. They ship on pallets, five carts to a pallet. (Minimum order is five carts on one pallet).

The Wine and Cheer Cart retails for the introductory rate of $164.95 per cart, plus shipping.



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