Hard Mountain Dew Hits Certain Markets

mountain dew alcohol alcoholic hard

Hard Mountain Dew has arrived.

PepsiCo and The Boston Beer Company have teamed up to launch four flavors of Hard Mountain Dew, including the original, Baja Blast, Black Cherry and Watermelon.

This new launch has no caffeine, zero added sugar and 100 calories per serving. It’s 5% ABV.


Available in 24-oz. single-serve cans and 12-pack 12oz. can mix packs, Hard Mountain Dew rolls out now across Florida, Tennessee and Iowa — with expanded availability expected throughout 2022.

Originally intended as a mixer for alcoholic spirits when Mountain Dew first launched more than 80 years ago, the brand now returns to its roots as one of the first alcoholic versions of a major soft drink. It features new, differentiated graphics to highlight the hard offering.


“The Boston Beer Company and PepsiCo share a passion for pushing boundaries and delivering innovative new beverages that meet the evolving demands of U.S. drinkers,” says Lesya Lysyj, CMO of The Boston Beer Company. “Hard Mountain Dew delivers on the bold, citrus flavors of the soft drink fans know and love, now with an added bite of 5% ABV.”

As part of the business arrangement, Boston Beer will develop and produce new Hard Mountain Dew, while Blue Cloud Distribution, Inc. a new entity, wholly owned by PepsiCo, is responsible for the wholesale operations of Hard Mountain Dew, including sales, distribution and merchandising.



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