Devil’s Backbone IPA Variety Pack

Devil's Backbone Variety Pack
Devil's Backbone IPA Variety Pack

Devil’s Backbone is set to release new ‘Buck Tradition’ IPA family. This family features both re-released and new flavors. The first to hit shelves in early March is Cyborg Brain Juice Dank IPA (7% ALC). Devil’s Backbone is releasing all of the re-designed IPAs together in a pack that will include:

Cyborg Brain Juice Dank IPA (7% ALC)
Juicy Magic IPA (7% ALC)
Eight Point Imperial IPA (6.2% ALC)
Sixteen Point Imperial IPA (9.1% ALC)

“Over the last several years, creative craft brewers have been evolving IPAs from their historical roots into a diverse umbrella of flavors,” says Hayes Humphreys, COO. “We’ve been on that same journey here at Devils Backbone, creating a family of distinct and interesting IPAs, and we’re excited to finally launch these in refreshed packages which celebrate the unique identity of each beer.”


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