Lenox Stemware Collection

Victoria James
Lenox and Victoria James collaborate on a new stemware collection.

Lenox, a supplier of tabletop, giftware and home entertaining products, has announced a collaboration with Victoria James, sommelier and Director of Beverage at New York & Miami’s COTE restaurants.

The glasses were developed specifically for the climatic regions from which the wine comes, the company states. For cooler climates, where less sunshine hours and cooler temperatures can often mean more moderate richness and alcohol levels, alongside elevated acidity and more delicate aromatics, the narrower opening and smaller bowl is meant to allow the nuanced details of the wine to be captured and honed. For warmer climates, where elevated temperature and sunshine levels can lead to more ripeness, aromatics, alcohol and richness, the wider bowl is meant to allow the wine to expand and open.

“The world of wine can be daunting – I remember when I first entered the space I felt like a deer in the headlights,” says Victoria James, “I wanted to design glasses that weren’t fussy or snobby, but that made the drinker feel confident, while simultaneously making the wine taste better. To me, that’s the best of both worlds. Together with Lenox, I was able to create a collection of glasses that both sommeliers and everyday drinkers would want to use.”


These new Signature Series glasses, which are an addition to the Tuscany Classics collection, feature a thin lip to help maximize the flow of wine, and slender stem and base for ease of swirl and aeration.

“We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Victoria to create this unique line of wine glasses, which perfectly embodies our shared desires to simplify and elevate the consumers’ experiences,” says Bob Burbank, Lenox CEO. “Lenox’s strong history of glassware design, combined with Victoria’s knowledge of wine, has resulted in the creation of two new unique glasses to taste a world of wine.”


The collection created in partnership with Victoria James is available in sets of two or four by the region. A set of two glasses retails for $58 and a set of four retails for $115.


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