Mike’s Hard Freeze Taps into ’90s Nostalgia

Mike’s Hard Freeze mikes 90s '90s 1990s nostalgia
Mike’s Hard Freeze

Nostalgia for the 1990s is trendy right now, and Mike’s Hard reflects this with their latest launch, Mike’s Hard Freeze.

“New Mike’s Hard Freeze delivers all the flavor without the brain freeze,” says John Shea, chief marketing officer, Mike’s Hard Lemonade Co. “Mike’s Hard Freeze was inspired by 90’s nostalgia with throwback flavors, colors and packaging. As a first for Mike’s Hard Lemonade, we crafted four refreshing, delicious and sessionable flavors to create a taste experience that brings back that 90’s nostalgia.”

All four flavors come in a 12-can variety pack. Both Blue Freeze and Red Freeze will also be available in 23.5-oz. single serve cans.


Mike’s Hard Freeze is 5% ABV and comes in the following flavors:

  • Blue Freeze: Tastes like melted blue raspberry slushy flavor, the company says
  • Red Freeze: Tastes like classic red cherry berry slushy
  • White Freeze: Inspired by a creamcicle flavor
  • Pink Freeze: Tastes like frosty pink lemonade slushy

To celebrate the release of Mike’s Hard Freeze, the brand has launched an integrated campaign that celebrates the ’90s through a mix of social, digital and influencer content and live events, from now through the summer.


Consumers can find Mike’s Hard Freeze at their nearest retailer here: locator.mikeshard.com.


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