Penelope Bourbon Introduces Architect Series

Penelope Bourbon Architect Series whiskey blend blended price tasting notes flavor review rating
Penelope Bourbon Architect Series.

The fast-emerging craft whiskey brand Penelope Bourbon has announced its latest offering, the Architect Series.

Named in honor of the art of whiskey blending, this new release combines the brand’s signature four grain mash bill with two styles of French oak staves.

Working in collaboration with Tonnellerie Radoux of France, a market leader in oak barrel manufacturing, Penelope Bourbon selected each stave using its “OakScan” process.


OakScan is a rapid analysis, stave by stave, based on Near Infrared Spectrometry, the company says. Each stave entering into production is scanned and marked with a letter. This letter indicates which category of tannic potential it belongs to. This is meant to help coopers sort the staves more easily and make barrels with specific polyphenolic indexes. This index estimates the polyphenolic content of wood between 0 and 100.

On the nose of this new whiskey is sweet candied cream and floral notes with hints of green apple, the company says, leading into sweet vanilla and viscous cream with savory oak. The body contains a creamy sweetness with herbal and floral flavors, before a finish of leather and heat, with floral and botanical lingering notes.


Aged 4 to 5 years, this Penelope Bourbon Architect Series is 104 proof. The suggested retail price is $60 per 750-ml. bottle.

This follows the recent releases of Penelope American Light Whiskey 13 Year Old and Penelope Bourbon Barrel Strength Batch 08.


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