Holy City Brewing Belgian Witbier

Holy City Brewing and Pusser’s Rum have teamed up to create a 16 oz. Belgian witbier inspired by the Painkiller cocktail, which will be sold at Holy City Brewery located on Aragon Avenue in North Charleston. The Painkiller cocktail consists of a blend of pineapple and orange juice, cream of coconut, and Pusser’s Rum, topped with grated nutmeg.

The beer will come in a 16-ounce can at 5.2% ABV and will also be offered with an additional floater of Pusser’s Blue Label Rum – a 3-year aged dark navy rum. Holy City patrons will also be able to find the frozen version of the Painkiller cocktail at their inside restaurant bar and newly renovated outdoor “Cabana Bar”.

“We’re not far from Holy City Brewery, so we’re always here for lunch or meeting up with friends on the weekends to enjoy the wide variety of brews on tap,” says Dean Cowart, who oversees the marketing and retail for Pusser’s. “We’re beyond excited to be working with Chris and the Holy City team, who like us are all about local partnerships and helping each other out. We know everyone is going to love the frozen Painkiller’s and the new twist on a Belgian whitbier – it’s going to be a real gamechanger!”



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