Mateus Dry Rosé 2021

Mateus Dry Rose 2021

Mateus announced the launch of Mateus Dry Rosé 2021, the third vintage released in the United States. Mateus Dry Rosé 2021 is comprised of mostly Portuguese grape varietals which gives it an fruity palate and balanced finish, according to the company.

“Baga and Touriga Nacional are two of the Portuguese grape varietals we used for Mateus Dry Rosé 2021,” said Diogo Sepulveda, the Mateus wine maker. “By using these traditional Portuguese red grape varietals, we are able to achieve an elegant rosé with notes of raspberry, red cherry and strawberry. On the palate, it is fresh and fruit forward, with great balance, refreshing acidity and a harmonious long finish.” More details on the harvest climate, maturation and production include:

Harvest year climate: The 2021 vintage year in Portugal was marked by above average temperatures, resulting in warmer and drier winter and spring seasons. The warmer spring weather led to flowering at the end of May followed by an exceptionally hot summer with barely any rain. Harvest began in early September resulting in favorable production conditions.

Maturation and Production: The grape skins are fermented off the fruit and are lightly crushed—this pressing technique results in the pale pink color. Once the desired hue is achieved, a controlled fermentation process follows. The combination of the maturation and production process results in a rosé with fruity undertones of raspberry, red cherry and strawberry, according to the company.

Beginning this spring Mateus 2021 Dry Rosé (12% ABV) will be available in the U.S in 750-ml. and 187-ml. bottle sizes. Mateus Dry Rosé 2021 is best consumed chilled at (45-50 degrees Fahrenheit).



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