Buzzard’s Roost Cigar Rye

Buzzard's Roost Cigar Rye

Buzzard’s Roost Whiskey released a new, limited edition Cigar Rye finished in American oak barrels that were cold-smoked with aged tobacco leaves grown in Kentucky.

Jason Brauner, co-founder and master blender for Buzzard’s Roost, chose a four-year-old Indiana rye for finishing in Char 1 barrels which were toasted to coax out flavors that would pair well with the aged cigar tobacco.

“We love creating really special whiskies using creative twists” said Buzzard’s Roost Co-founder and CEO Judy Hollis Jones. “This expression showcases the skills of our blending and barrel team, who had a very intentional flavor profile in mind for this rye. It’s especially nice paired with a fine cigar.”

The mash bill is comprised of 95% rye and 5% malted barley. This 105 proof (52.5 percent ABV) rye offers floral notes and rye bread on the nose, followed by a delicate whiff of smoke, and cinnamon and brown sugar, courtesy of the proprietary toast profile, according to the company. Three barrels were produced. The suggested retail price is $75 per 750-ml. bottle.


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