Shiner Beer Mexican Lager

Shiner Beer has introduced their new Mexican-Style Cerveza, ¡Órale!. Created with 2-row malt and Lager yeast and brewed with agave, this beer features an earthy, mildly sweet flavor, according to the company.

While Mexican imports have had a decades-long run of growth in popularity, consumer preferences are now moving beyond just imports and into craft-brewed Mexican-style lagers. “I am thrilled at the opportunity to combine my Mexican heritage with a Mexican style lager bearing the Shiner label and the Spoetzl Brewery’s commitment to quality,” says Carlos Alvarez, CEO of The Gambrinus Company in San Antonio, TX, who acquired the Spoetzl Brewery in 1989. “I know Shiner fans will enjoy ¡Orale! – a word that expresses so much in the Spanish language.”

Shiner ¡Órale! (4.5% ABV) is rolling out nationally in May. It will be sold in 6-and 12-pack cans and bottles.



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