Plantation Rum Introduces Extreme Collection No. 5

plantation rum barbados extreme collection no 5 five 2000 2007 1986 rums

Plantation Rum has unveiled Extreme Collection No. 5, a trio of limited-edition vintage rums from the West Indies Rum Distillery.

This latest lineup in the series visits Barbados with the release of Barbados 2007, Barbados 2000 and Barbados 1986. The latter is particularly relevant, as the first bottling of Plantation Rum was also a Barbados 1986.

Plantation Rum Extreme Collection No. 5 launches this August. The suggested retail price (per 750-ml. bottle) and ABV are as follows: Barbados 2007 — $200, 58% ABV; Barbados 2000 — $300, 47.8% ABV; Barbados 1986 — $1,500.00, 55.1% ABV.


Plantation Rum undergoes a double aging process that dates back to the 18th century, the company says. First, the rums mature in bourbon barrels in the tropics. Then they cross the ocean by boat for 30 to 40 days, meant to optimize the interaction between the cane spirit and the oak wood. The final ageing takes place in cognac barrels in the continental climate of Southwest France.

While traversing the ocean, the rum loses its edge and becomes rounder, the company says, while levels of esters and aromatic compounds increase, bringing forward fruity and spicy notes.



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