Jacob’s Pardon Small Batch Recipe #2

Jacob’s Pardon Small Batch Recipe #2 bourbon whiskey taub family
Jacob’s Pardon Small Batch Recipe #2.

The whiskey brand Jacob’s Pardon has unveiled its latest expression: Jacob’s Pardon Small Batch Recipe #2.

The brand name comes from the Taub family history. During Prohibition, Brothers Jacob and Abner Taub took to bootlegging in the wake of the Great Depression. One night in 1929, the brothers’ situation were caught by the authorities via a sting operation and carried off to serve time behind bars. It wasn’t until 1935 that Franklin D. Roosevelt pardoned the Taub brothers.

Afterwards, Jacob and Abner reignited their family business with their brother Martin and helped launch Baltimore Club Whiskey. This set into motion a family tradition that would span generations.

Aged a minimum of eight years, Jacob’s Pardon Small Batch Recipe #2 was distilled in Tennessee. The nose contains dry cereal, corn and baking spice, the company reports, before a palate of cocoa butter, clove, caramel and baked honey ham. It’s 109.3 proof.

The suggested retail price is $89.99 per 750-ml. bottle.




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