Procera Gin Expands Portfolio with Red and Green Dot

African-distilled Procera Gin has released two new expressions from the 2021 Juniper harvest. Procera Red Dot and Procera Green Dot join Procera Blue Dot. 

In addition to many of the same botanicals used in Blue Dot, Procera Red Dot (51% ABV) features locust bean, alligator pepper and ashanti pepper from Nigeria and elephant pepper, oyster shells, myrrh and seaweed from Kenya.  “Red Dot was designed with cocktails in mind,” said Guy Brennan, Procera Founder. “It has incredible intensity that holds its own against other flavors in classic cocktails like the Negroni, Red Snapper and Martinez.” 

Procera Green Dot (47% ABV) was designed to take juniper terroir to its absolute limit. Green Dot is crafted only from juniper berries, foliage and toasted wood. “Green Dot is our most versatile gin and is effortlessly suited for a myriad of drink styles,” said Brennan.      

Founded in 2018, Procera Gins are crafted from a sugar cane base and Juniperus Procera — a juniper variety that is indigenous to the equatorial highlands of Kenya. The Procera tree only grows at altitudes higher than one mile above sea level, helping its berries to develop distinctive nutty and savory characteristics.  

Procera Red Dot Facts: 


Nose: A distinct peppery character set against a backdrop of juniper.  

Taste: Savory umami bass-notes and citrus top-notes. 

ABV:  51% (102 proof)

SRP:  $99.50 (750ml)   

Procera Green Dot Facts: 

Nose: Earthy and woody in style with subtle notes of pine forest and green juniper.  

Palate: Initial flavors of juniper, herbs and stone fruit. Earthy and umami on the finish.

ABV:  47% (94 proof)

SRP:  $119.50


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