Parch Nonalcoholic Agave-based RTDs

Parch is a new line of nonalcoholic, blue weber agave-based canned cocktails.

This RTD contains Sonoran Desert botanicals and active adaptogens, the company says. 

After years in the spirits world (formerly at Diageo), co-founders Ila Byrne and Rudy Aldana believed that, “The lack of good quality, spirit-free options is out of touch with how people drink today and, frankly, contributes to the stigma. Consequently, nonalcoholic drinkers, including ourselves, are frequently omitted and ostracized from social occasions.” 

Parch debuts with two ready-to-drink flavors: the Prickly Paloma and the Spiced Piñarita.

  • Prickly Paloma: A pairing of Blue Weber Agave, grapefruit, orange bitters, and lime juice, together with floral-tart hibiscus and desert botanicals, create this citrusy bittersweet cocktail. Nutty jicama, sea salt and passionflower round out the profile, the company reports.
  • Spiced Piñarita: A smoky and spicy cocktail combining roasted pineapple with earthy blue weber agave, prickly pear cactus fruit and select desert botanicals. This drink is rounded out with mole bitters, cocoa extract and chamomile, the company reports.



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