Lagunitas Debuts First Global Packaging Redesign

Lagunitas Global Packaging Redesign new bottle can rebranding brand change look

The craft beer pioneer Lagunitas Brewing Company has announced a packaging redesign across its portfolio of brands.

The familiar Lagunitas dog is now front-and-center on all cans, bottles and packs, which will hit shelves beginning in October. 

“We scrutinized our existing packaging and determined we needed our look to better match the quality of our great brews,” says Paige Guzman, Lagunitas chief marketing officer. “We refreshed our packaging design to build consistency across formats and brands, and to feature the Lagunitas dog in a bigger way. The new designs reflect the personality of the brews, and brings in the playful, original style that Lagunitas is known for, as well as gives shoppers a sense for what they would experience if they picked up a Lagunitas brew.” 

“We didn’t take this change lightly. The redesign is a big undertaking and investment, and we wanted to ensure we went about it in the right way,” Guzman adds. “To land on the best new packaging design, we talked to consumers and fans of our brand every step of the way, including conducting focus groups, interviews and quantitative research.”  

Lagunitas also engaged its distributor network and received feedback, which the company implemented.

For a close-up of the packaging redesign, visit the Lagunitas brew finder to find it in the store beginning in late-October.  



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