Botran Rum

The Guatemalan brand Botran Rum has returned to the U.S. market after a two-year hiatus, with a new look that includes its many certifications (ISCC PLUS, Rum of Guatemala PDO, SGS Carbon Neutral Certification).

To reenter the U.S., Botran has partnered with Mexcor International to reintroduce the brand.

The U.S. portfolio includes five rums — No. 8, No. 12, No. 15, No. 18 and Reserva Blanca — all packaged in 700-ml. bottles.

“The brand refresh is meant to invite consumers to experience the colorful, joyful and vibrant side of Guatemala while better communicating Botran’s position as one of the top premium rums across the world” says Ivan Valdez, senior global brand manager for Licores de Guatemala, the parent company of Botran Rum. “Our new vision is to fill every glass with the bright and vibrant spirit of Guatemalan rum.”

Botran Rum was founded more than 80 years ago in 1940 by five Botran brothers (Venancio, Andrés, Jesús, Felipe and Alejandro) who emigrated to Guatemala from Burgos, Spain. Upon arriving in Guatemala, the brothers began producing rum in small quantities. Eventually they unified other family distillers to establish Licores de Guatemala, whose current chairman is Don Jaime Botran , the second generation.


Botran Rum is a single estate rum that is produced from two varieties of cane harvested between November and April, in the fields of Retalhuleu, located on the Pacific south coast of the country.


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