Five Trail Blended American Whiskey Batch 002

Five Trail American Blended Whiskey Batch 002 buy find flavor notes review
Five Trail American Blended Whiskey Batch 002.

Five Trail Blended American Whiskey, the first full-strength spirit from Molson Coors Beverage Company, has released its limited Batch 002 blend.

Bottled at 95 proof, the new expression is now available in markets within Colorado, Georgia, Kentucky, Nevada, New York, Tennessee, Texas and Wisconsin. 

Five Trail debuted in September 2021 with Batch 001, a blend of 4-year Colorado single malt, 4-year Kentucky four grain bourbon, 4-year Indiana wheated bourbon and 13-year Kentucky bourbon, cut to proof with Rocky Mountain water. It was bottled in partnership with Bardstown Bourbon Company.


The Batch 002 blend is also bottled in partnership with Bardstown Bourbon Company, but replaces the 4-year Colorado single malt with 6-year and the 13-year Kentucky bourbon with 12-year.

The result is a golden amber whiskey with an aroma of sweet caramel, pecans and biscuit, the company reports, with hints of wood sugar, caramel, apple, white cherry, smoke, ginger, and allspice on the palate. The finish has notes of oak, ginger and nutty balance. 


“The response to Five Trail has been overwhelming,” says David Coors, Vice President of Next Generation Beverages at Molson Coors. “Our team really loved the flavor profile we came up with for the inaugural release and wanted to keep Batch 002 in this same vein. Batch 002 is an homage to our debut expression, but with a few nuances stemming from the thoughtfully selected mixture of age statements, creating a complex and layered flavor profile. I hope whiskey drinkers and spirits enthusiasts will enjoy this release as much as the first, if not more so.”

Five Trail Batch 002 has a suggested retail price of $59.99 per 750-ml. bottle.


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