Ross & Squibb Announces Remus Gatsby Reserve

Ross & Squibb Remus Gatsby Reserve bourbon whiskey buy 2022
Ross & Squibb Remus Gatsby Reserve.

Ross & Squibb Distillery, formerly MGP, has launched its new Remus Gatsby Reserve.

Created to celebrate F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel, The Great Gatsby, Remus Gatsby Reserve is bottled at 97.8 proof (48.9 ABV).

Made by master distiller Ian Stirsman and his team at Ross & Squibb Distillery, Remus Gatsby Reserve is 15-year-old straight bourbon from the 175-year-old Lawrenceburg, IN distillery.


On the nose is dried candied fruit, caramelized pecans, charred oak and tobacco, the company reports, before a profile of candied fruit, syrup, leather and cherry. The finish has notes of cinnamon, char and oak.

“The Remus Bourbon brand has provided our team an opportunity to showcase the great bourbon whiskey produced at Ross & Squibb,” says Stirsman. “Like the Remus Repeal Reserve series, Remus Gatsby Reserve gave us a chance to showcase some of the best bourbons we have — in this case, some of the finest 15-year-old bourbons in our reserves. Remus Gatsby Reserve is certain to be a highly sought-after member of the Remus Bourbon family, particularly given its limited production.”


“The Remus Bourbon brand is inspired by the finest bourbon of the Prohibition era, and The Great Gatsby offers arguably the most well-known depiction of those times,” adds Shanae Randolph, Brand Manager for Remus Bourbon. “With its Art-Deco-inspired design, Remus Gatsby Reserve will serve as yet another authentic way for the Remus brand to transport bourbon fans back to the excitement of the Roaring 20s.”

Launching this October in limited quantities, Remus Gatsby Reserve retails for a suggested price of $199.99 per 750-ml bottle.

This follows the recent release of Remus Repeal Reserve Series VI.


  1. Your brands are amazing. My son really enjoys great bourbon. I cant wait each year to see what comes out to get him for Christmas. Thank you so much!


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