Knob Creek Bottles 18 Year Old Bourbon

Knob Creek 18 Year Old kentucky straight bourbon whiskey
Knob Creek 18 Year Old.

The latest release during Bourbon Hunting Season 2022 is the oldest age statement ever put out by Knob Creek: Knob Creek 18 Year Old.

This limited-edition release celebrates the 30th Anniversary of the Beam Suntory brand.

Bottled at 100 proof, Knob Creek 18 Year Old has a nose of brown sugar and aged oak, with notes of char and caramel, the company reports. On the palate is caramelized oak and hints of sweet vanilla and baking spices. Spice and slight floral and fruit notes are on the finish.


Knob Creek 18 Year Old Bourbon Whiskey is available nationwide at a suggested retail price of $169.99 for a 750-ml. bottle.


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