Don Papa Rye Aged Rum

Don Papa Rye Aged Rum
Don Papa Rye Aged Rum.

Don Papa Rum, a rum from the Philippine island of Negros Occidental, has announced its newest expression: Don Papa Rye Aged Rum.

This limited-edition product pairs American rye with Philippine molasses. It is now available in select markets across the country.

This new bottling is distilled from local molasses on Negros and aged for four years in first-fill American rye casks.

On the nose is fruit and salted caramel, the company says, giving way to spice notes of cracked black pepper, cedar and mint. The palate contains dried fruit, toasted oak and honey. Don Papa Rye Aged finishes with warming spice and dark chocolate.

“Imagine a green, lush rye field on a beautiful Tennessee spring day merging with a warm tropical shower blowing in from the Philippine sea,” says Stephen Carroll, Founder of Don Papa Rum. “This is the backdrop for Don Papa Rye Aged Rum — combining the intense granular spice notes of American Rye barrels and our very own black gold molasses rum, resulting in a beautifully balanced, silky smooth and complex new rum.” 


Don Papa Rye Aged Rum comes bottled at a bold 45% ABV. The suggested retail price is $54.99 per 750-ml. bottle.


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