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Wesake is a new Japanese Junmai Ginjo sake. Like all sake, it is made with rice, water, yeast, and koji, a Japanese fermentation starter used for making soy sauce and miso.

Junmai translates to “pure rice,” nodding to the four ingredients used to brew this style of sake, while Ginjo is a classification for rice that has been polished down to at least 60 percent.

Rice is the basis of all sake. Wesake sources traditional “Yamada Nishiki” sake rice from the mountains of Hyōgo prefecture, and uses Nada spring water, which runs through the Rokkō mountains.


The brand was cofounded by Brooklyn Peltz Beckham. “I’ve always had a profound respect and intrigue for Japanese culture,” he says. “Through my travels, love of cooking and experimenting with new flavors, I was introduced to sake and felt immediately drawn to the taste.”

“Sake deserves attention — there’s a gap in the road,” Peltz Beckham adds. “Everyone’s tried it, but most don’t know the history behind it. I’m still learning a lot about the category! I’m excited to share my journey in sake education and I’m hopeful Wesake will help others understand that you can enjoy sake anywhere, anytime, with any food, and with anyone.”


Before creating Wesake , Co-Founder Pablo Rivera spent years at ZX Ventures/AB InBev. “I treat sake as an everyday drink; but for many, sake remains a mystery,” says Rivera. “While other categories have long dominated the attention of the American consumer, I believe it’s sake’s turn to take the spotlight, and Brooklyn has the passion and platform to do just that. Additionally, we’re humbled to be a member of the Sake Brewers Association of North America and contribute to the growth and awareness of this amazing beverage. We are excited to have Brooklyn on board to help raise overall awareness for the category and support our vision of making sake a part of everyday life.”

Wesake has an ABV of 13%, is non-GMO, vegan-friendly, gluten-free and best served chilled. It is is available nationwide online and at retail in select markets such as CA, CO, GA, IL, NV, NY, and TN for a suggested retail price of $19.99 for a four-pack of 200-ml cans.


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