Larceny Barrel Proof Bourbon A123 Kicks Off 2023

Larceny Barrel Proof A123 125.8 proof cask strength whiskey heaven hill
Larceny Barrel Proof A123.

Heaven Hill’s wheated bourbon brand Larceny has begun a new year in its Barrel Proof program with release A123.

The high-wheat recipe lends itself to sweeter, smoother flavors. Larceny Barrel Proof A123 is 125.8 proof.

The “A” in the name is the first in a three-part A, B, C release series. The “1” represents the month released, January, while the “23” at the end stands for the year. This naming conventions is standard across all the brand’s releases in this popular, annual series.

Each release in this program ages six to eight years, bottled straight from the barrel. The proof and flavors vary by release, but the mash bill remains the same: 68% corn, 20% wheat and 12% malted barley.

The B and C bottles in the 2023 Larceny Barrel Proof series are expected for May and September, respectively.


For Heaven Hill this follows the recent release of Parker’s Heritage Collection Double Barreled Blend Bourbon.


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