New Realm NA Hazy IPA

New Realm NA Hazy IPA nonalcoholic craft beer
New Realm NA Hazy IPA.

Atlanta-based New Realm Brewing has launched its new NA Hazy IPA with Dry January in mind.

“This was a fun innovation project that our team has been looking forward to getting into the marketplace for a longtime,” says Mitch Steele, Co-Founder and Brewmaster of New Realm Brewing. “There are several options for making NA Beers, but it’s important to choose one that gives you the most beer-like flavor. We use a complex system of vacuum distillation to remove the alcohol from our specially brewed base beerleaving substantial beer.”

The hop bill contains Citra and Azacca.


New Realm NA Hazy IPA is less than 0.5% ABV, with 15 IBUs.

Available now, the beer launches in 12-oz. cans in 6-packs. Distribution is throughout Georgia, Virginia, and South Carolina’s Lowcountry.



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