Cointreau Debuts New Look

Cointreau new bottle brand branding redesign look
Cointreau has debuted a new bottle.

Cointreau, an essential ingredient in innumerable cocktails, has revealed its biggest brand redesign in nearly 140 years.

The revamped Cointreau bottle is an ode to the brand’s history and a celebration of the orange itself, the company says. For the first time in Cointreau’s history, the orange — Cointreau’s key ingredient — gets a prime spot on the new label, with the liqueur’s original distillery also depicted on the label and in the engraving as a tribute to the brand’s roots.

As Cointreau continues to evolve, so too does the company’s commitment to environmental and social responsibility, including the introduction of the new bottle, now made from two-thirds recycled glass with no wasteful, secondary packaging. Further, Cointreau’s commitment can be seen in actions already taken, including powering the Angers distillery with 100% renewable energy since 2017, recycling 100% of annual waste, and ensuring 100% of the peel used during distillation is composted.


“We are thrilled to take Cointreau to new heights with the introduction of a new modern bottle that’s equally as iconic as the original,” says Nicolas Beckers, CEO at Rémy Cointreau Americas. “It was important we retain the essentials while honoring the French elegance and rich history of Cointreau — so we changed everything — except the recipes cocktail drinkers know and love.”

The new bottle includes ergonomic enhancements: the shape has been lengthened for ease of pouring without increasing its weight, and now also features a QR code, granting consumers access to nearly 500 drink recipes.

The new design will be supported by the new campaign, Cointreau Changes Everything.



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