Boston Beer Company Introduces Slingers Signature Cocktails

Slingers Signature Cocktails boston beer company co canned cocktail cocktails ready to drink rtd
Slingers Signature Cocktails.

As the ready to drink movement continues to expand into higher-ABV offerings, the Boston Beer Company has launched Slingers Signature Cocktails.

This new line is a malt-based, 8% ABV, cocktail-style drink in a 24-oz. can.

Three initial flavors include: Bahama Mama, Peach Screwdriver and Pineapple Punch.


“With its strong points of difference, relatable brand ethos and malt-based recipe, we really feel like we’ve got a winner in Slingers,” says Andrea Desaulniers, Manager of Innovation at Boston Beer. “And the brand’s physical attributes — a convenient, single-serve package with a higher-than-average ABV and eye-catching graphics — make it especially suited for the convenience store class-of-trade. So, we’re doubling down and stacking our chips there!” 

Slingers will distribute regionally before the possibility of a national footprint.


“Regional test-and-learns like Slingers enable us to jump on trends quickly while also giving us the space to gather direct consumer feedback and hone the brand before expanding,” says Robert Vail, Head of Innovation at Boston Beer. “It’s the best of both worlds. Our two-tiered approach to innovation allows us to be both ‘big and small’.”



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