Deep Eddy Vodka + Tea Hard Seltzers

Deep Eddy Vodka Tea Hard Seltzers
Deep Eddy Vodka + Tea Hard Seltzers.

Deep Eddy Vodka has announced the launch of its latest hard seltzer line extension, Deep Eddy Vodka + Tea Hard Seltzers.

Following the brand’s entry into the canned ready to drink segment with Deep Eddy Vodka + Soda, the new Vodka + Tea Hard Seltzers will be available in a variety of flavors, including lemon tea, sweet tea and peach tea.

“From the first sip, Deep Eddy’s newest tea seltzers are the perfect balance of refreshing and flavorful. Staying true to the brand’s roots, they are made with real fruit and ingredients — never sacrificing great taste,” says Hannah Venhoff, Vice President, Deep Eddy Vodka. “As the hard seltzer category continues to grow and vodka-based seltzers truly take the lead, Deep Eddy is uniquely positioned to innovate in this space, offering new hard seltzers to our lineup for a simple beverage that is light, refreshing and easy. Moreover, the new Tea variety is a nod to our origin story with Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka being the first flavor introduced under the Deep Eddy name.”

Deep Eddy Vodka + Tea Hard Seltzers reflect the Austin-based brand’s first product, Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka, launched 13 years ago.

These hard seltzers are created using real vodka, tea and juices with a hint of bubbles, the company says.


Each can of Deep Eddy Vodka + Tea Hard Seltzer is 180 calories, gluten free and contains 4.5% ABV.

The newest Deep Eddy hard seltzers are available nationwide in a 6-pack variety with a suggested retail of $16.99.


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