Twisted Tea Rocket Pop

Twisted Tea Rocket Pop hard alcohol Party Pack
Twisted Tea Rocket Pop and Party Pack.

Twisted Tea Hard Iced Tea has announced a new, limited-edition flavor, Twisted Tea Rocket Pop.

This combines the flavors of Rocket Pop — including lemon-lime, cherry and blue raspberry — with the taste of hard iced tea.

It’s available exclusively in this summer’s limited-edition Twisted Tea Party Pack. In addition to the new Rocket Pop flavor, Twisted Tea’s new Party Pack features Twisted Tea Original, Half & Half and Peach.


Also launching is the The Twisted Tea Party Pouch, containing 1.3 gallons of Twisted Tea Original.

“The secret is out: America loves to party with Twisted Tea, and we’re ready to fuel the fun this summer,” says Erica Taylor, Senior Brand Director for Twisted Tea. “Launching brand-new Twisted Tea Rocket Pop is the perfect way to kick-off the season. An adult take on the frozen treat, these nostalgic flavors get a big upgrade when combined with the smooth and delicious real iced tea taste of Twisted Tea. A throwback flavor with a kick of alcohol, this is sure to become a fan-favorite this summer!”


In addition to the new Party Pack, the brand is also unveiling new Tea Drop TV spots.


  1. Love the new rocket pop flavor! Would be even better if I can buy the flavor by itself in a case! Or even in the 24 oz can. Wink wink.

  2. There is something in the rocket pop that gave me a severe adverse reaction. Hives. Itching. Swollen tongue. Scary situation


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