Budweiser Harley-Davidson Beer Cans

Budweiser Harley-Davidson cans beer
Budweiser Harley-Davidson cans.

Budweiser and Harley-Davidson are coming together for the first time in their histories to provide fans with a limited-edition can.

This launches coincides with Harley-Davidson’s 120th anniversary.

The cans feature both Budweiser and Harley-Davidson logos.


Inspired by the hand-drawn blueprints from the origin of each brand, the cans include the words “Kings of our Craft” to honor the quality and leadership that both Budweiser and Harley-Davidson bring to their respective industries, the companies say. The phrase “Brewed and built in the USA” also runs across the bottom and celebrates Budweiser and Harley-Davidson’s heritage as American-made.

The limited-edition cans will are available this month wherever Budweiser is sold, while supplies last.



  1. This gimmic by Anheuser Bush will not erase the Mulvaney debacle . I still will be boycotting all InBev products including the Harley Davidson cans . But nice try . They should have skipped the virtue signaling in the first place and went with this add campaign instead of the Dylon Mulvaney destruction plan by Alissa .

        • You all must do zero research on the brands you like lol. Harley has been a support to the LGBTQ family for many years and even offers some of the best coverage as a company to their LGBTQ employees compared to many of their company out there. So go sale your bikes and start walking.

    • I can’t wait to see the videos people make on Harley’s now. I really can’t believe Harley agreed to this. What the hell were they thinking?…smh

    • Yes I too totally agree .too little too late..should have just went with Harley in the first place..even though I own a harley and would love to buy these new can,I never will go back..we still have home grown principles and morals.

    • Ditto, and I’ll add this. I find it insulting that AB Inbev, a foreign owned conglomerate, would try to pull on our patriotic hearts with the ” l brewed and built in USA” malarkey. AB Inbev is a foreign owned entity. Budweiser is no longer an American beer, plain and simple.

  2. They think because they pay HD for their logo that we will forget everything? They think we are that stupid. Sad. That is the thinking that got them here.

  3. This is cool as heck. Both my Favorite. I own a Harley-Davidson & i Drink Budweiser. What could be better.

  4. This ad campaine won’t save Bud or H-D. Bud needs to apologize to its customers to have any chance of surviving and Harley is overpriced, under engineered and underpowered. Both headed for extinction.

  5. It is hard to believe that Harley-Davidson would tarnish their name by teaming up with Budweiser. I’ve been riding Harleys for years and currently own four bikes ! I can’t understand why they would drive people away that support their brand. I have been riding Harley-Davidson motorcycles for over 20 years🤔

  6. 50 years of brand loyalty to the “King of Beer” and they think a bar & shield will save them…HELL NO…And HD…WTF are you thinking? I will stick with the HD’s I already own, but I will not be buying another overpriced woke companies pos…Budweiser and I have been loyal to each other since I was a teenager grabbing a couple of Dad’s cold ones on a Friday night and hitting up the local bonfires until I was old enough to buy my own.
    A joint effort with another popular brand will not get me to forgive the bone headed move this Bud Light marketing campaign has done…Put the CEO of Marketing or whoever else was involved in that dumb ass decision on TV and verbally apologize to the 100s of thousand loyal customers that you all made a bad decision and business move.
    Then my drinking buddies (whom by the way, all ride Harleys) and myself, may come back the your products. If not, we sure are becoming big fans of Yuengling and Yuengling Lite…!

  7. Budweiser should really read “Brewed in the USA, profits go to Belgium.”

    At least Harley-Davidson is still an American company.

  8. Unbelievable that Harley-Davidson would team up with Anheuser-Busch when H-D customers are boycotting bud lite and other A-B beer like most Americans who buy beer. A-B refuses to do the hard, right, and necessary things to try to get their customer base back. Instead we get phony and pretentious patriotism and everyone can see through it. H-D, watch who you sleep with. You could be next.

  9. Budwieser thinks so little of the biker community that this can gimmick is created to save them. Bikers are smarter than that! It’s the same as the camouflaged can. I can’t see how either will save Budwieser.
    (See what I did there, camouflage can)

  10. What next? A Dylan Mulvaney CVO? HD doesn’t seem to understand the power of krytonite. Oh well. Live and learn. Go woke – go broke.

  11. One king goes down tends to take another with him …harley davidson perfect candidate. HD has done nothing but change their engines and customer base themselves since the evo Era has declined almost to extinction to this day . Way to go brilliant HD for jumping on this wagon to a cliff. I own a shovelhead and an evo both iconic engines of American tradition and pride and craftsmanship. The world is changing before our eyes . Glad I was in my teen years in the 80s .

  12. I’m a little disappointed that HD went with Bud when Miller Brewing (Molson Coors) is literally right across the street from the HD HQ. Besides that, Miller High Life hit the market in 1903, the same year HD was formed. Seems like a huge opportunity missed for some really good, local, symbiotic marketing. Im guessing Bud must have given Harley a huge amount of money trying to buy their way out of their recent marketing fiasco.

  13. Can’t wait to see Kid Rock taking his aggression out on Harley. All the Harley owners gonna be crying in their beers watching him unload into a few of those overpriced pieces of crap! Not a Harley fan, not a Budweiser fan (seriously, BW has always been a cheap ass trash beer and Harleys are just overpriced junk).

  14. OMG, look at all of you! Whining like my old aunt noreen used to do all the time!! Hahahah. Just to clarify, Harley made the deal for the logo on the Bud can almost a year ago. Its a contract that cost lots of $$$ and will cost more $$$$ if they back out. This reminds me of the whining and bitchin that took place when blacks were admitted to white schools, when women gained the power to vote, when ANYTHING whiny people couldnt handle, they complained about. Keep smiling…

  15. Anyone who is planning on getting rid of their Harley and any remaining beer because of them partnering with Budweiser please let me know immediately.

  16. All of you are whining about Anheuser-Busch/ Bud Light going woke with supporting Dylan Mulvaney and the lgbtq + community, here’s a news flash for you and husband along with Molson Coors has been a proud reporter of the lgbtq community for the last 40 years, don’t believe me look it up this is nothing new it’s not going away. Nobody is going to tell me what to drink or what not to drink because of their political beliefs, you’ve been drinking AB products all along and you didn’t know. So who cares grab a tall one and enjoy life be around friends isn’t that what it’s all about anyway

  17. Keep up the boycott !!!! They are sinking. Let them go broke paying Harley and advertising.. They promised distributors refunds which will come soon if boycott is kept up..

  18. If you absolutely have to have one of these cans, buy a 24 pack and share the other 23 with friends so they won’t have to run right out and buy a case of their own. Let’s not give them any more sales than we have to.

  19. Brilliant move Budweiser and Harley Davidson omg what are you all thinking no wait I have it your not thinking alcohol and motorcycles great combination NOT! Don’t ever
    Drink and drive
    And do not ever
    Associate motorcycles
    And alcohol this must be a joke right?

  20. While supplies last? I don’t think that will be a problem! Time to trade on an Indian. Been looking anyway.

  21. If you the beer, drink it. If you don’t, obviously you don’t drink it. You idiots who think that ad campaigns changes the beer you drink, you’re just as dumb. You drink a beer for x amount of years and because they gimmick something, you now think you’re that because you drink it. You’re just as dumb as the millennials you despise or their thoughts.

  22. Select Harley Davidson parts are now made in China, And Anheuser-Busch sold out to In_Bev a Belgium company a number of years ago. Brewed and Built in the USA, perhaps only technically. As far as I am concerned they can both go the way of the Dodo bird. I would not buy either…

    I am just happy the intelligent American public can see through the smoke stream and kick them both to the curb.


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