Crown Royal Introduces Golden Apple Aged 23 Years

Crown Royal Golden Apple Aged 23 Years canadian whisky
Crown Royal Golden Apple Aged 23 Years.

Leading Canadian whisky producer Crown Royal has revealed its latest innovation: Crown Royal Golden Apple Aged 23 Years.

This product is imagined as a flavored luxury whisky.

Crown Royal will market this new release with a multi-pronged partnership with artist Solange Knowles for Saint Heron. This includes a series of events, kicking off June 8 in New York with the debut of Saint Heron’s first collection of hand-blown glassware at the opening reception of the creative group’s screening of “A House is not a Home.”


“Crown Royal represents the same values of quality, craftsmanship and innovation that we create at Saint Heron,” says Knowles. “I admire their legacy of creating and influencing cultural iconography, as it is something that is always at the forefront of my creative process.”

“Together, we are creating something truly unique and unexpected, that embodies the creative spirit of Saint Heron to push the boundaries of what’s possible,” Knowles adds.


This new blend of whiskies aged 23 years has the taste of golden delicious apples, the company reports, paired with notes of creamy vanilla, toasted oak and cinnamon.

Starting mid-June, consumers will also have access to an augmented reality experience synced to music, via QR code found on the bottle.

“This disruptive new liquid offering is a result of a shared commitment to innovation and creativity that speaks to our fans that have been patiently waiting for an evolution of Regal Apple,” says Hadley Schafer, Director of Crown Royal Whisky. “Launching a partnership with an artist like Solange Knowles brings the expertise of a leading whisky brand and the fresh perspective and vision of a creative trailblazer who routinely pushes artistic boundaries together in such an authentic manner. We are excited to continue creating tasteful, groundbreaking experiences following this launch.”

Crown Royal Golden Apple Aged 23 Years reaches shelves on June 1. It comes in a bespoke golden bottle in a suede-finished Crown Royal bag and collector’s box.

This limited-edition blend is 40% ABV. The suggested retail price is $249.99 per 750-ml. bottle.

Crown Royal’s partnership with Solange will continue into early 2024.

This follows the launch of Crown Royal 29 Years Extra Rare Blended Canadian Whisky.



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