Baileys Bottles Chocolate Liqueur

Baileys Chocolate Liqueur 2023
Baileys Chocolate Liqueur.

Launching on International Chocolate Day on Wednesday, Sept. 13, is the new Baileys Chocolate Liqueur, the brand’s latest addition to its portfolio of liqueurs. 

Baileys Chocolate Liqueur combines Baileys Original Irish Cream and real Belgian chocolate. It is best served in a chocolate martini, chilled or as a dessert shot.

As part of this launch, Baileys partnered with chocolatier Amaury Guichon, known for his life-size chocolate creations, to create a Baileys Chocolate Cocktail Bar featuring a 42” tall bar, three bar stools and barware tools including a shaker, jigger and strainer — constructed entirely from 100% real Belgian chocolate.



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