Blue Run Announces Flight Series II

Blue Run Flight Series II spirits bourbon whiskey
One of the bottles in Blue Run Flight Series II.

Blue Run, acquired last summer by Molson Coors, has unveiled its Flight Series II, the second in a line of “micro batch” whiskeys.

Blue Run Flight Series II is a six-whiskey collection of Blue Run’s Kentucky Straight High Rye Bourbon Whiskey, now available at spirits retailers in select states.

Blue Run considers a micro batch to consist of at least two, but no more than five, barrels. Each of the six “Flights” in this release consists of between three to four barrels of Blue Run’s flagship High Rye Bourbon blended by Shaylyn Gammon, head of whiskey development and innovation.

In addition to sourcing barrels from different distilleries, Flight Series II is unique from Flight Series I (released October 2022) in that much of the sensory aspect of its creation was done outdoors. Shaylyn first experienced the blends outside, where the whiskey would react differently than in a still, climate-controlled lab.

“I envisioned these blends being enjoyed in a favorite outdoor setting, when nature is trying its hardest to capture your attention and deserves a toast in appreciation,” says Shaylyn. “This is why I conducted my sensory tests outside, since no whiskey fan is ever going to be experiencing their whiskey in a distillery laboratory. I fondly call this my ‘In Situ Whiskey’ because it was made, in part, where I thought it best to be enjoyed.”

The contract distilleries featured in Flight Series II include Castle & Key, Bardstown Bourbon Company and another undisclosed facility. All barrels had a #4 alligator char and were aged, for a time, in non-temperature-controlled warehouses in Bardstown.

Each Blue Run Flight Series II is available for a suggested retail price of $119.99 per 750-ml. bottle. These bottles roll out in AZ, AR, CA, CO, CT, IL, KS, MA, MD, MN, MO, NY, TN, TX and WI.

Blue Run’s signature butterfly medallion on the Flight Series II bottle is Blue Pearlized.

The Flights in this series are (with distillery-provided notes included):

Biscayne Breeze

  • Proof: 114.1
  • Barrels Blended: Three (3)
  • Total 6-pk Cases Available: 115
  • On the nose, Biscayne Breeze opens with roasted cashews, candied Maraschino cherry and dark caramel. Warm cinnamon roll and dark fruits (plums and blackberries) greet the tastebuds, followed by a long finish of weathered oak, baking spice and vanilla.

Joshua Tree Sunrise

  • Proof: 117 – Barrel Proof
  • Barrels Blended: Three (3)
  • Total 6-pk Cases Available: 112
  • With Joshua Tree Sunrise, the first impression is an aroma of butterscotch – warm chewy butterscotch for days. That is echoed in the taste, with spice-forward butterscotch, dry baking spices and warm rye bread with wildflower honey. A fine finish follows of leather and oak. This blend has the most opposite nose/palate combo and goes from rich and sweet on the nose, to bold and spicy on the palate.

Miami Sunset

  • Proof: 115
  • Barrels Blended: Four (4)
  • Total 6-pk Cases Available: 150
  • Miami Sunset arrives with creamy oatmeal, almond, French vanilla and a light dusting of cinnamon. On the tongue, find white chocolate, toasted almonds and nougat, with fresh cracked black pepper on the tail end of the palate that dissipates quickly. The finish heralds lightly weathered oak and concentrated vanilla. Some will find the rich brown notes remind them of a candy bar with caramel, peanuts and almond nougat, with subtle but supportive spice.

Santa Monica Pier

  • Proof: 115.1
  • Barrels Blended: Four (4)
  • Total 6-pk Cases Available: 112
  • The nose of Santa Monica Pier hints at butter pecan, pistachio ice cream and warm waffle cone. From there comes the flavor of rich vanilla, white pepper, and ripe figs, finishing strong with cinnamon dusted walnuts. Santa Monica Pier will remind you of a dessert at a fancy restaurant, made with ingredients that you’d never suspect could come together so well, but when presented in the right ratios, work magically.

Tahoe Powder

  • Proof: 116 – Barrel Proof
  • Barrels Blended: Three (3)
  • Total 6-pk Cases Available: 106
  • Like a crackling fire after hitting the slopes, Tahoe Powder envelopes the senses with warm spiced wine, dark cherries, heavy cream, and citrus peel on the nose. This is followed by buttered toasted rye bread, worn leather, and sweet pipe tobacco on the tongue. With the finish, look for slight floral notes, clean and short, following the bold initial spice. A perfect pairing for a mild, mid-gauge cigar or a pipe.

Yosemite Pine

  • Proof: 116.6 – Barrel Proof
  • Barrels Blended: Three (3)
  • Total 6-pk Cases Available: 106
  • Yosemite Pine is the lightest of the Flight Series II blends. On the nose, it delivers a crisp, sweet and mildly floral bouquet with essence of fresh honeydew melon and ripe orange. That orange is echoed in the flavor with orange marmalade pastry, which closes with a dried unroasted coconut finish.


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