Maker’s Mark Extends Wood Finishing Series with The Heart

Maker's Mark Wood Finishing Series The Heart Release bourbon whiskey makers
Maker's Mark Wood Finishing Series The Heart Release bourbon whiskey.

Maker’s Mark has unveiled the next chapter of its Wood Finishing Series with the 2024 expression, “The Heart Release.”

Inspired by the team that distills its whisky at Star Hill Farm, home to the brand’s distillery, The Heart Release is fruit forward with caramel, maple and chocolate notes, the distillery reports.

The Wood Finishing Series is a collection of one-of-a-kind expressions that use unique wood stave-finishing techniques meant to enhance characteristics already present in the brand’s bourbon. Whereas the first chapter of Wood Finishing Series emphasized the production process that impacts flavors, the second chapter will focus on the teams behind the whisky.

The first release within this chapter shines a light on the taste vision inspired by the distillery team: the makers of Maker’s Mark, who produce the bourbon in Loretto, KY.

“Always staying true to my grandparents, our founders’ vision to deliver a full-flavored, soft red winter wheat bourbon with a smooth finish, Maker’s Mark continues to shape the brand’s future through purposeful, flavor-driven innovation,” says Rob Samuels, eighth generation whisky maker and managing director for Maker’s Mark. “This Wood Finishing Series release celebrates the entire distillery team, who share our vision and who have contributed their perspective to craft the final expression.”

“It was a very unique, special experience to have the distillery team play a significant role in crafting the taste vision of The Heart Release,” adds Beth Buckner, senior manager of innovation and blending, Maker’s Mark. “Distillery team members all have different, yet very important jobs in creating our whisky; each person described aromas and flavors they experience throughout their day, which helped us shape the flavors of this release.”

Fruit forward with caramel, maple and chocolate notes, The Heart Release has a rich, creamy mouthfeel, the distillery states.

Maker’s Mark Wood Finishing Series The Heart will be available at U.S. retailers for a suggested retail price of $74.99 beginning in July 2024.


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