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  • Jose Cuervo Orange Pineapple Margarita

    Jose Cuervo Authentic Margaritas has responded to growing demand for orange pineapple beverages with Jose Cuervo Orange Pineapple Margarita. This read-to-drink Margarita beverage brings fruit flavors of orange and pineapple together with a hint... Read More »

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  • Fanta Wild Cherry

    Fanta has announced a new flavor: Wild Cherry. “Cherry is one of our best-selling flavors across the Coca-Cola family of products and a natural fit within our Fanta line-up,”... Read More »
  • Regatta Craft Mixers

    Regatta, creator of Regatta Classic Bermuda Stone Ginger Beer and its lite version, has expanded the brand into the craft mixers category. This March the company will launch Regatta... Read More »
  • Volage Sparkling AOP Crémant de Loire Rosé

    Volage is a new sparkling AOP Crémant de Loire Rosé made from 100% old-vines cabernet franc using “methode traditionelle.” It will launch this spring through new east coast distribution with Regal... Read More »
  • Courvoisier Sherry Cask Finish

    Courvoisier has announced the launch of Courvoisier Sherry Cask Finish. This blend was specifically developed for the U.S. market following its Master’s Cask Collection debut in Europe. Courvoisier Sherry... Read More »
  • Virgen Organic Red Blend 2018

    Domaine Bousquet, an Argentinian exporter of wines made from organic grapes, has released its first-ever natural wine, Virgen Organic Red Blend 2018. The no-sulfites-added wine has USDA organic certification.... Read More »
  • Odell Brewing Mountain Standard IPA

    Odell Brewing has added a new brand to their year-round line up: Mountain Standard IPA. At 6.5%, this “Mountain Style” IPA is brewed with American hop varieties like Cashmere,... Read More »
  • Bayou Rum XO Mardi Gras

    Bayou Rum has introduced XO Mardi Gras. This spirit is produced through single-batch distillation in copper pot stills, and then aged in bourbon and sherry casks for six years using... Read More »
  • Puerto de Indias Strawberry Gin

    Puerto de Indias has announced the U.S. debut of its Strawberry Gin from Seville, Spain. It’s initially available in New York, Florida and Illinois. Puerto de Indias Strawberry Gin is a... Read More »