Zing Zang Michelada Mix

Zing Zang Michelada Mix Bloody Mary
Zing Zang Michelada Mix.

Zing Zang, known for its Bloody Mary brand, has announced the launch of Zing Zang Michelada Mix, adding to its portfolio of cocktail mixers.

As Mexican beer remains as one of the fastest-growing segments in the beer category in the U.S., the popularity of the Michelada — a cocktail blending beer with lime juice, tomato juice and spices — has gained among consumers nationwide.

Zing Zang Michelada Mix was made with a blend of real tomato juice, lime and lemon juices, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce and spices.

“As the number-one Bloody Mary brand, Zing Zang understands the art of crafting flavorful tomato-based cocktails with the perfect ‘zing’,” says E.G. Fishburne, VP of marketing at Zing Zang. “With the surging popularity of Micheladas, driven by the robust growth of Mexican beer, it’s a natural progression for us to extend our expertise into this vibrant market. Just as our Bloody Marys delight consumers with their bold flavors and refreshing kick, our new Zing Zang Michelada Mix promises to elevate the Michelada experience.”

Adds Steve Crites, EVP of sales for Zing Zang, “This journey began with the keen observations and passion of our local teams in the West and Southwest. Their insights illuminated a national opportunity for Zing Zang, inspiring us to introduce Zing Zang Michelada Mix to consumers across the country. This launch is a testament to their sharp understanding of local tastes and trends, laying the foundation for our expansion into the thriving Michelada market.”


Zing Zang Michelada Mix comes packaged in 32-oz. bottles and will be available nationwide in grocery and liquor stores, as well as purchase online.


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