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Beverage Dynamics Supplements

Throughout the year, Beverage Dynamics creates special supplements and sections centered around a particular aspect of serving the off-premise market. These annual features are collected below, containing best practices, aggregated information and expert advice. For more on these and other retailing topics, be sure to check out the Beverage Alcohol Retailers Conference, an educational event for off-premise owners and managers.


Hundreds of new products come onto the market every year. These are new brands, flavors, styles and even categories of beverage alcohol products that reflect current trends and indicate where the market is heading next. The editors of Beverage Dynamics compile a list of the most notable new beers, wines and spirits, along with major brands that updated their packaging each year.


Each year in the fall, Beverage Dynamics compiles the latest information about POS systems and other in-store technology. An archive of those previous features, which contain tech company listings and advice from fellow retailers and industry experts, is below.


In recognition of the global nature of the beverage industry, we’ve created a special supplement to highlight some of the best locales producing unique beers, wines and spirits. Each year focuses on a specific region, highlighting its retailers, suppliers and operators, as well as providing industry statistics and general news about the area’s history and culture.


The beverage alcohol industry has long recognized the need to promote responsible consumption practices. In the Drink Responsibly supplement, we highlight these innovative programs that industry members have created, often in conjunction with associations and public health officials. These important campaigns educate the public and expand alcohol-free options for consumers. For more information about initiatives utilizing public service advertising, educational materials for events and training programs, visit


Like much of corporate America, the beverage industry is more aware than ever of its impact on society, culture and the world around us. Companies throughout the industry have launched Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives to highlight their internal policies to current or prospective employees and customers. Beginning with our Women in Beverage supplement in 2021 and continuing with our annual DEI Supplement, we’re spotlighting under-represented groups and the programs helping to increase visibility and equality for all members of the beverage alcohol industry.


Each year the November/December issue of Beverage Dynamics contains a Sustainability Guide, which provides the latest information about organic, biodynamic and overall “green” products, processes and services. An archive of previous year’s guides are below (see tabs to the right in the digital edition that opens), which showcase beers, wines and spirits that are marketed as sustainable, as well as green business practices that retailers have adopted in their stores.