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On&Off Episode 19: What Is Sustainable Wine?

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What’s the difference between organic and sustainable wine? If you don’t know the answer, then you must listen to our latest podcast with Allison Jordan, Executive Director of the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance. Jordan explains the fine details of sustainably certified wine, along with the long history of the CSWA, how and where sustainable wine education happens, and why more consumers care about these kinds of products. And if you did know the answer to our question, well, tune in anyways for a deeper dive into an important topic. Cheers!

On&Off Episode 18: Cordials & Liqueurs: Trends and History

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On the latest episode of On & Off, Editors Melissa Dowling and Kyle Swartz dive into cordials and liqueurs. They discuss the history of this category, recent growth trends, why the pandemic likely buoyed the category, and what modern innovations have helped drive growth. Also, Melissa and Kyle show off their lack of movie trivia knowledge and critique their boss’ homemade cookies.

On&Off Episode 17: The Future of Alcohol Retail and Restaurant Technology

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Everybody knows that Covid-19 has sped up the evolution of alcohol ecommerce and technology by leaps and bounds. But what comes next? What follows this unprecedented push forward for alcohol tech? Will there be a pullback, dangers ahead, or greater implementation of these cutting-edge technologies. Editors Kyle Swartz and Melissa Dowling debate whether alcohol delivery is a “fourth tier” and rant about their frustrations with QR codes on-premise. Listen in for that and more about the future of alcohol technology.

On&Off Episode 16: Women in Alcohol

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In this episode, Editors Melissa Dowling and Kyle Swartz celebrate the amazing work of women in the alcohol industry by interviewing two female rockstars at Southern Glazers Wine & Spirits: Bridget Albert, National Director of Education Beam Suntory, and Julie Milroy, VP of On-Premise. The discussion centers around the enormous role and success of women in the industry, and how the alcohol business can continue to improve the treatment of women.

On&Off Episode 15: Alcohol Industry Trends: Part 2

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Following Part 1 of this two-part episode, Editors Melissa Dowling and Kyle Swartz dive into another set of trends currently affecting the beverage alcohol industry. These include celebrity-backed alcohol brands and their common pitfalls; the rise of CBD beverages and what comes next for the nascent category; and the continued shortages for all things needed in alcohol packaging. Also, the editors discuss what makes The Rock so damn likeable as an actor, and what is the proper way to consumer THC edibles.

On&Off Episode 14: American Whiskey Trends with Maggie Kimberl

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What’s trendier in the alcohol industry than American whiskey? But can our brown spirits boom continue at such a rapid pace? In this episode, Editors Melissa Dowling and Kyle Swartz sit down with industry veteran Maggie Kimberl, content editor of American Whiskey Magazine and president of the Bourbon Women Association. Kimberl leads our discussion about the future of American whiskey, growth prospects, American single malt, the secondary market, and her work in highlighting the amazing women who make this industry run. Fill your Glencairn glass and listen to this one!

On&Off Episode 13: Alcohol Industry Trends: Part 1

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What are the biggest trends right now across the entire alcohol industry? In part 1 of a mulit-part podcast, Editors Melissa Dowling (Cheers magazine) and Kyle Swartz (Beverage Dynamics magazine) discuss the hard seltzer boom, the rise of RTDs, the golden age of American whiskey, and the current shortage of glass and aluminum packaging. How long will all of these trends last? And what exactly is driving them? For answers, just click play!

On&Off Episode 12: Wine Needs to Recalibrate

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Why aren’t Millennials drinking wine? And why is wine consumption broadly declining? In this episode, Editors Melissa Dowling and Kyle Swartz interview wine educator and author Marnie Old, who previously served as the director of wine studies for Manhattan’s French Culinary Institute. Marnie delves into the issues facing the wine industry, and what wine companies must do to win back consumers being lost to spirits and beer.

On&Off Episode 11: Vodka Trends in 2021

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Make yourself a Moscow Mule and download this episode to learn about all things vodka in 2021. What are the hottest trends in clear spirits? What’s the latest from craft vodka? What cocktails are helping drive the category? How much does Co-host Kyle Swartz actually know about “Sex in the City”? All this and more in our latest episode.

Video: 2021 Wine & Spirit Growth Brands Winners

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The Beverage Information Group has named the top-selling and fastest-growing wines and spirits for calendar year 2020, with more than 150 brands receiving the prestigious honor. This video includes a list of the winners, as well as highlights of recent trends defining the beverage alcohol industry. Hosted by BIG analyst Marina Velez, Beverage Dynamics editor Kyle Swartz and Cheers editor Melissa Dowling.

On&Off Episode 10: Responsible Alcohol Practices in 2021

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The Covid-19 pandemic completely changed the alcohol industry with cocktails to-go, direct-to-consumer shipping and alcohol ecommerce. These and other pandemic challenges necessitated adaptation from beverage alcohol regulators, who stepped up with responsible alcohol practices tailored to our modern crisis. In this episode, we recall these challenges from 2020, and also look ahead for what’s next in responsible alcohol practices in 2021. Editors Melissa Dowling and Kyle Swartz interview Steve Schmidt, Sr. Vice President for Public Policy and Communication for the National Alcohol Beverage Control Association (NABCA).

On&Off Episode 9: Pandemic Alcohol Trends and Rum Cocktails

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Editors Melissa Dowling and Kyle Swartz are joined by colleague Marina Velez, senior product manager, data & insights, for The Beverage Information & Insights Group. Velez talks about the dominant alcohol trends from the pandemic, and reflects on which trends she believes will continue with consumers even as Covid-19 recedes. Next the group discusses the rum category, whether it’s growing or shrinking, plus the leading brands and cocktails. Velez even shares the backstory of her family’s famous coquito recipe — a flavorful, boozy treat!

On&Off Episode 8: Cannabis Beverages, Trends, and Legalization

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This podcast is all about pot. Editors Melissa Dowling and Kyle Swartz discuss THC and CBD beverages, trends, and legalization with cannabis investor Carlton Fowler. Fowler is co-founder and managing partner at Goat Rodeo Capital, a venture capital firm focused on early-stage investments in beverage alcohol, non-alcoholic drinks and cannabis-centric brands. Fowler and the editors dive into the rise of CBD/THC beverages, cannabis consumer trends, new production and packaging technologies and the future of federal legalization.

On&Off Episode 7: The Spirit of Kentucky

What’s more American than Kentucky spirits? The boom in brown spirits has elevated the Bluegrass State to global prominence for it’s incredible array of bourbons, ryes, whiskeys, cocktails and other spirits. In this episode, Editors Melissa Dowling and Kyle Swartz explore how Kentucky spirits have grabbed national attention, by interviewing Louisville-based food and beverage writer Steve Coomes. Coomes is known throughout Kentucky and the wider world of whiskey as one of the industry’s most knowledgable writers — including on country ham! Check out his work at

On&Off Episode 6: Eco-Friendly Alcohol

How important is sustainability in the alcohol industry? For a deep dive into this topic, Editors Melissa Dowling and Kyle Swartz sit down with Nick Martin, Executive Director of the Beverage Industry Environmental Roundtable. BIER is a technical coalition of leading global beverage companies working together to advance environmental sustainability within the beverage sector.
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Video: 2020 Beer Growth Brands Winners

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Learn about all the beer brands who qualified for this year’s Growth Brands Awards. Plus hear about the latest category trends, including hard seltzer and FMBs, from our Research Analyst Marina Velez and Editors Kyle Swartz and Melissa Dowling.

On&Off Episode 5: The Best Alcohol Gifts of 2020

Who doesn’t deserve a glass of something great to drink this holiday season? Editor’s Melissa Dowling and Kyle Swartz get into the festive spirit by picking out their favorite — and most unique — alcohol-related gifts for the 2020 season. This includes Kyle’s picks for the two best values in whiskey from this past year. The editors also talk about holiday-themed cocktails, including the delicious and boozy Puerto Rican tradition of mixing up coquitos.

On&Off Episode 4: What’s Next for Hard Seltzer?

In this latest episode, Editors Melissa Dowling and Kyle Swartz talk about the current state of the booming hard seltzer market, including the latest trends, and also discuss where they both believe hard seltzer will go in 2021, in terms of both retail and bars and restaurants.

On&Off Episode 3: U.S. Whiskey Trends in 2020

Editors Melissa Dowling and Kyle Swartz discuss U.S. whiskey trends in 2020, with an eye towards top whiskey cocktails, single barrel store picks and the hard-to-believe phenomenon of younger whiskey actually tasting good. What’s going on? A new wave of U.S. craft distilleries have doubled down on top-level production techniques and innovation to find ways to create new flavors — and in less time than you may think. Listen in to learn all you need to know about American whiskey this year.

On&Off Episode 2: Vodka is Still King

Editors Melissa Dowling and Kyle Swartz discuss what’s driving the vodka category on- and off-premise in 2020. Topics include the rise of craft American vodka, how imported brands are reinventing themselves for the modern market, how the pandemic has affected vodka sales, top vodka cocktails and how savvy brands have tapped into Americana.

On&Off Episode 1: Alcohol Tech & COVID 19

Technology has allowed beverage alcohol retailers, and bars and restaurants, to adapt with the COVID-19 crisis. Cheers Editor Melissa Dowling and Beverage Dynamics Editor Kyle Swartz discuss just how tech has helped these businesses cope with the challenges of the pandemic. Never before has ecommerce, curbside pickup and digital delivery been so important for the alcohol industry.

Video: 2020 Growth Brands Awards & Trends

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Learn about all the wine and spirit brands who qualified for this year’s Growth Brands Awards. Plus hear about the latest category trends from our Research Analyst Marina Velez and Editors Kyle Swartz and Melissa Dowling.

Webinar: Thinking about the Back Side

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Small business expert Tom Shay provides advice on navigating the off-premise industry during a pandemic. Includes information about government programs, marketing tips, innovative technology and more.

Vodka and the Kentucky Derby

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Join us as we speak with the marketing team at PriceWeber about how they successfully integrated Finlandia Vodka with the Kentucky Derby, an event traditionally known for bourbon. Hear how PriceWeber boosted sales of this spirit through an innovative sports sponsorship.