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Looking for a niche podcast in the beverage alcohol industry? The Beverage Information Group Insider podcast looks at the U.S. and global alcohol industries, with a focus on retail trends and best practices. We speak with business leaders in retail, branding and marketing to keep a pulse on the state of the alcohol industry. Download or subscribe to our podcast to remain current in the business of booze. 

The Best Alcohol Gifts of 2020?:
Who doesn’t deserve a glass of something great to drink this holiday season? Editor’s Melissa Dowling and Kyle Swartz get into the festive spirit by picking out their favorite — and most unique — alcohol-related gifts for the 2020 season. This includes Kyle’s picks for the two best values in whiskey from this past year. The editors also talk about holiday-themed cocktails, including the delicious and boozy Puerto Rican tradition of mixing up coquitos.

What’s Next for Hard Seltzer?:
In this latest episode, Editors Melissa Dowling and Kyle Swartz talk about the current state of the booming hard seltzer market, including the latest trends, and also discuss where they both believe hard seltzer will go in 2021, in terms of both retail and bars and restaurants.

U.S. Whiskey Trends in 2020:
Editors Melissa Dowling and Kyle Swartz discuss U.S. whiskey trends in 2020, with an eye towards top whiskey cocktails, single barrel store picks and the hard-to-believe phenomenon of younger whiskey actually tasting good. What’s going on? A new wave of U.S. craft distilleries have doubled down on top-level production techniques and innovation to find ways to create new flavors — and in less time than you may think. Listen in to learn all you need to know about American whiskey this year.

Vodka is Still King:
Editors Melissa Dowling and Kyle Swartz discuss what’s driving the vodka category on- and off-premise in 2020. Topics include the rise of craft American vodka, how imported brands are reinventing themselves for the modern market, how the pandemic has affected vodka sales, top vodka cocktails and how savvy brands have tapped into Americana.

Alcohol Tech & COVID 19:
Technology has allowed beverage alcohol retailers, and bars and restaurants, to adapt with the COVID-19 crisis. Cheers Editor Melissa Dowling and Beverage Dynamics Editor Kyle Swartz discuss just how tech has helped these businesses cope with the challenges of the pandemic. Never before has ecommerce, curbside pickup and digital delivery been so important for the alcohol industry.

2020 Growth Brands Awards & Trends
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Learn about all the wine and spirit brands who qualified for this year’s Growth Brands Awards. Plus hear about the latest category trends from our Research Analyst Marina Velez and Editors Kyle Swartz and Melissa Dowling.

Webinar: Thinking about the Back Side
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Small business expert Tom Shay provides advice on navigating the off-premise industry during a pandemic. Includes information about government programs, marketing tips, innovative technology and more.

Vodka and the Kentucky Derby:
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Join us as we speak with the marketing team at PriceWeber about how they successfully integrated Finlandia Vodka with the Kentucky Derby, an event traditionally known for bourbon. Hear how PriceWeber boosted sales of this spirit through an innovative sports sponsorship.