1198se3Nice Spread

Clos Du Bois varietals are positioning themselves as an integral part of “Great Holiday Get Togethers.” In-store holiday merchandise from Allied Domecq includes a case card featuring a “great holiday” party spread and bottle neckers with suggestions on how consumers can host their own fabulous get together.

Winter Wonder-wine1198se4

Remember the Dunnewood Dine-Off? Well, if not, the wine’s holiday merchandising from Canandaigua Wine Co. will bring it to you again with a portrait of the contest’s winning recipe, and corresponding varietal, underlined by the slogan, “Food has finally met its match.”

1198se5Winter Warmer

IDV wants to warm up the holiday season with a Baileys Original Irish Cream 750 ml gift box that holds a bottle of Baileys and two mugs with silver faces on the front, wintery renditions of the original Baileys “Yum” mugs.


7011SEA08Tanqueray Wrap Up

Tanqueray celebrates the season with a display of a frosty, snowflaked-adorned acrylic gift box containing oversized bottles of Tanqueray Gin, Tanqueray Malacca Gin and Tanqueray Sterling Vodka, adorned with an oversized green bow. The giant gift display is 18″x24″x18″ at a total height of 70″ and is available from Schieffelin & Somerset, along with a holiday case card.

Cordially Yours18018/STEAM_Final

For customers looking for after-dinner or holiday drinks, Allied Domecq has assembled a Drambuie 750 ml gift set that includes an Italian glass decanter. Bottles of the Scottish cordial can also be purchased in red luxo-cartons featuring a Drambuie label and seal attached to a plaid ribbon.


It’s Beer, Mate1198se7

Molson USA says Happy Holidays the Australian way this season with its new promotion for Foster’s Lager. Customers can take in the “Australian for Cheer” promotion, an extension of the “Australian for Beer” campaign, with p-o-s that includes case cards, stickers and posters.

1198se8A Seasonal Gem

Bacardi-Martini’s seasonal offerings for its new kid, Bombay Sapphire, are the Bombay Sapphire Collector’s Edition Martini Gift Packs. The two packs include a 750 ml bottle of Sapphire, two Martini glasses, and it’s all wrapped up in a pin-striped, silver gift box.

Old Tradition1198se9

Help customers’ gift-giving season with Evan Williams Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey promotional materials. Heaven Hill is providing retailers with a pole topper, full-color case cards bearing the slogan “Get Older, For Goodness Sake” and gift cartons for one liter and 750 ml bottles.

Embracing the Times1198se10

A golden pine cone wreath encircling a bottle of Early Times will be depicted on holiday case cards of this Brown-Forman brand. Minus the bottle, the actual wreath will be offered to retailers who desire a traditional decorative holiday piece. A $2 mail-in rebate on the 750 ml bottle will also be part of the promotion.

In Flight1198se11

Grey Goose is flying into the holiday season with a holiday gift pack consisting of a 750 ml bottle of the ultrapremium vodka and two 5-ounce Martini glasses. Sidney Frank also added a holiday greeting card on the back of the pack to help insure low-maintenance gift-giving.

1198se12Red Hot Chile

Try adding a bit of Chile to the holiday selling season with ViƱa Santa Carolina Chilean wines. Canandaigua Wine Co. is offering
educational, “This is Chile” p-o-s, which contains bits of information on the wine and the country that created it.

O Tannenpalm1198se13

The weather forecast for Corona this season is… Gambrinus’ off-premise “O Tannenpalm” promotion for Corona Extra and Corona Light. Retailers can decorate with banners, case cards, a floor display and corobuff, which feature a palm tree strung with multi-colored lights and the greeting “Feliz Navidad.”

1198se14Giving Jack

Brown-Forman Beverages Worldwide wants to promote the spirit of giving this season with Jack Daniel’s holiday display. The holiday merchandising includes a motion pole display with a staircase revolving around an at-home party scene, a 3-D Christmas case card with lights and a flat case card. All displays also come with the Lynchburg Hardware and General Store catalog tucked in with new items.

1198se15Small Batch Season

Do you have customers who can seriously appreciate a small batch bourbon? Then it might be a good idea to check out The Small Batch Bourbon Collection from Jim Beam Brands Co. The Collection consists of four bourbons packaged in limited edition gift sets: Knob Creek comes with a 10-ounce, logoed Manhattan cocktail glass; Booker’s with a special 10th Anniversary bottle and box; Baker’s in a gift box; Basil Hayden’s in a contemporary gift box.


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