Fourth-Quarter Point-of Sale Initiatives

Making room for supplier gift sets and fourth-quarter displays is also important for many stores that have the space to accommodate these p-o-s materials. Indeed, in the beverage alcohol industry, a key element in priming holiday selling has always been supplier support through a wide variety of pre-made gift sets and gift boxes as well as eye-catching point-of-sale materials of all types. Following is a brief selection of these fourth-quarter materials available from suppliers.

6809MRC06Bare-Bones Profits

Reprising its “Southern Scream” promotion from last year, Southern Comfort, from Brown-Forman Beverages Worldwide, has a variety of ghoulishly appealing point-of-sale materials through the end of October. Tagged, “a taste so wild it will raise the dead,” the merchandising materials include posters, case cards and recipe neckers.

Supporting Bushmills

Since recently acquiring the U.S. rights to Bushmills Irish Whiskey, Austin, Nichols has debuted a line of merchandising materials to support a new marketing campaign meant to increase consumer awareness of the Irish spirit. Among the new fall p-o-s materials are case cards, case bins, shelf talkers and fact cards, all designed to support the retail trade and maintain shelf presence.


0110hp16Scoring Sales

Dewar’s White Label Scotch, from Bacardi USA, is targeting consumers with a fall football p-o-s program featuring a merchandiser that is a mock-up of a football locker. The “locker” can hold a Highlander “jersey” and a tartan blanket or kilt as well as a Dewar’s football helmet. It allows for stacking flexibility so retailers can present as many cases as needed. A prominent case card/poster features the Highlander charging into the end zone with a football in a classic pose, with the headline, “First Round Pick.”

Dramatizing Vodka 6809HOL01

The Millennium Import Co. has launched luxury in-store displays for its superpremium Polish vodka brands, Belvedere and Chopin. The custom-made display units are made with cedar posts and feature Old World-inspired Polish graphics. The dual-sided, mass endcap displays can showcase up to 27 cases of the two brands and highlight their eye-catching holiday gift packaging.


Gem of a Gift 6809HOL02

Bombay Sapphire has introduced a holiday gift set including a collector’s edition Martini glass accompanied by a 750 ml bottle of Bombay Sapphire in a decorative gift box. The Martini glass features arched silver stems interlocking to connect the sapphire blue base. The luminous gift box is also highlighted by blue iridescent prisms.

6809MRC03Elegant Entertaining

Heaven Hill Distilleries is promoting its line of Christian Brothers Ports and Sherries as a tasteful element to fall and holiday gatherings. The company has created an “Elegant Entertaining” spiral-bound shelf talker that provides taste descriptions and serving suggestions for its six varieties of ports and sherries. Other point-of-sale items include case cards and a shelf talker, both with food recipes.


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