Bud Light Expands “Whatever” Campaign to Bottle Messages

Bud Light has added “Up For Whatever” messages to its labels, with more than 47 messages in the first run. The new packaging continues the brand’s campaign that began with the Epic Night Super Bowl commercial and continued with the Whatever USA campaign during the NFL season. From the press release:


ST. LOUIS (Dec. 9, 2014)– Bud Light drinkers might soon start singing out loud even if they don’t know the words, busting out all two of their dance moves, or taking the seventh inning stretch in the third inning, all because their bottles of Bud Light inspired them to do it. Starting on December 15, “The Perfect Beer for Whatever Happens” is introducing a new bottle designed to find out just how “Up for Whatever” its fans really are.

Each of the new bottles of Bud Light will feature a different “Up For Whatever” message on its label that is intended to inspire spontaneous fun, no matter where or when it’s enjoyed. Some Bud Light bottles, for example, will be labeled as “The perfect beer for leaving your comfort zone in another time zone.” Others will describe themselves as “The perfect beer for taking off the blindfold and showing that piñata who’s boss.” Still others will note that Bud Light is “The perfect beer for tuning up the old air guitar.” The initial run of unique “Up For Whatever” bottles will feature more than 47 different such messages, with many more to come.

“Our fans will truly need to be ‘Up for Whatever’ when they’re enjoying a Bud Light out on the town,” said Alex Lambrecht, vice president of Bud Light. “We think they’ll have fun doing the ideas printed on our bottles. And people who prove themselves to be ‘Up for Whatever’ may just end up in a Bud Light ad somewhere, or enjoying a completely unexpected, unforgettable experience.”


The new packaging builds off of the momentum established by Bud Light’s “Epic Night” Super Bowl ad starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Don Cheadle, and continued during the brand’s “Whatever, USA” event during the summer and via its NFL ads in the fall. The brand has also delivered spontaneous “Up for Whatever” experiences throughout the year to Bud Light drinkers and plans to bring the Bud Light House of Whatever to Arizona this January for Super Bowl XLIX.

To learn more about Bud Light, please visit UpForWhatever.com.


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