Queen Bohemian Lager

Eurobrew Inc. is teaming up with England’s RnR Brew, and the Schwarzenburg Brewery in Provitin in the Czech Republic, to import the band Queen’s latest beverage line: Queen Bohemian Lager.

Queen’s inspiration for the lager is taken from their famous single, ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. The beer is a golden, hoppy lager with an IBU of 33 and ABV of 4.7%.

Queen Bohemian Lager is brewed in conjunction with Czech Purity Laws. It contains three ingredients: Artesian water, Czech barley malt, and Noble Saaz hops [the traditional hops for Pilsner beer]. The lager is brewed and bottled in the Kingdom of Bohemia, Czech Republic with RnR Brew Ltd.


For more information on Queen Bohemian Lager, and its availability in the United States, please contact Eurobrew Inc. at marketing@eurobrews.com, or visit their website at eurobrews.com.

RnR Brew Ltd are also the creators of the band’s Killer Queen Vodka.



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