Henry’s Hard Soda

Henry’s Hard Soda is a new line of hard sodas made with real cane sugar.

The product offers a smooth, moderate body, and mild effervescence, the company says. It comes in two flavors:

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 7.58.29 AMHenry’s Hard Orange Soda is a blend of natural Valencia oranges, sweet with a pop of tangy citrus flavor.

Henry’s Hard Ginger Ale is a balance of fresh ginger and herbal notes, delivering a moderate ginger aroma and slightly spicy and fruity undertones.

Henry’s is inspired by the spirit of Henry Weinhard, a brewer known in the Pacific Northwest for making flavorful beers and great soda, the company says. The product is 4.2% ABV and will be available nationwide at most grocery, liquor and convenience stores starting January of 2016.


      • Is it gluten free?? From what I can find on Facebook, the company FINALLY answered that NO, the ginger ale is not but the orange soda is. They’re also pushing their new gluten free beer, Glutiny. Save your money. I tried it and it’s terrible. After six years with celiac, O mission is the only gluten free beer in 12 oz bottles I have found that tastes like a beer. Even my husband will drink it, and he steers clear of most things that are gluten free.

        • OMission is NOT gluten-free – it contains ppm’s – which mean gluten is still present. Someone with full-blown Celiac cannot tolerate ANY ppm’s of gluten.

          • Okay you are right about Omission except couple problems: ppm stands for parts per million. Ppm alone is not something a substance can contain. The problem is that it contains more than 20 ppm OF GLUTEN. Glutiny btw isn’t safe for celiacs either. Gluten Reduced, I believe is their language for it, not gluten free. Omission isn’t safe because it is “gluten removed” which is to say that it was brewed with full on wheat and then they claim to have removed the gluten from it. Bull****.

    • If you’re wondering this in the future, any malt beverage is NOT gluten free.
      Strictly speaking, malt can be made from corn, but is almost exclusively made from Barley, which is a glutenous grain.

  1. When are you coming out with a grape flavor?!? We sell several cases a day of the orange in the bar I work at and everyone had been talking about a grape flavor!!!

  2. Madly in love with the Orange. But these next flavors need to happen

    Grape Soda
    Strawberry Soda
    Root Beer
    Lemon and lime Mt Dew like flavor

    • Please note that this is a trade publishing website, written for retailers (not consumers). Henry’s Hard Soda does not own this website, and therefore doesn’t answer comments directly. As far as I’m aware, the soda is not gluten-free, nor has the company ever claimed it is.

  3. Even though the ingredients may be gluten free in the orange soda, they probably can not claim it to be if the product is processed in a non gluten free facility.


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