Mark West Black

The Mark West family of wines has grown to include Mark West Black.

A deeper, darker experience of Pinot Noir, Mark West Black is the most full-bodied wine in the brand’s portfolio.

The wine exhibits notes of black cherries and plums, mocha, vanilla and caramel, and a plush finish to the wine. It pairs well with cigars and chocolate. 

Mark West Winemaker Jason Becker starts the winemaking process using the French Saignée method, which removes some of the lighter-colored wine early in the process, in order to increase the skin-to-wine ratio and increase the flavor concentration and body – ultimately producing a deeper-colored, more full-bodied wine.

Grapes for Mark West Black wine are sourced from California’s cool-climate growing regions that allow for longer hang time to produce complex, ripe flavors in the grapes.


Mark West Black Pinot Noir is available at wine retailers nationwide for a suggested retail price of $13.99.


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