Tequila Herradura Introduces New Packaging

The premium tequila brand Herradura has rolled out a packaging update.

Conceived to capture the “craft and charisma” of Casa Herradura, the new design “embodies the dynamic global spirit of the brand,” the company said in a press release.

Tequila Herradura’s package enhancements include updated labels featuring “bold and vibrant colors that display more recognizable expression names.” In addition, the ribbon over the bottle cap features the embossed expression name in an effort to better distinguish each spirit.


Along with a more sophisticated and luxe visual identity, the new package also reflects the “premium essence” of this spirit, the company says, helping it a standout on the shelf and back bar.

“We are thrilled to introduce Tequila Herradura’s new vibrant and premium packaging to our distributors, key accounts, leading cocktail experts and most importantly, consumers,” said Jennifer Simmonds, Brand Manager of Tequila Herradura. “Through this package update, we improved the craft look and feel of our award-winning spirit to honor our authentic and unique heritage, while bringing to life a more sophisticated and elegant design.”


Herradura makes silver, blanco, and anejo tequilas.



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