Superior Beverage CEO Missing After Plane Vanishes

The alcohol industry received terrible news over the holiday break with the sudden disappearance and presumed death of the CEO of the Ohio-based distributor Superior Beverage Group.

According to multiple news reports, Superior Beverage CEO John Fleming was flying with friends and family back from a Cleveland Cavaliers basketball game on Dec. 29, when their plane lost altitude and then disappeared over Lake Erie. A search by the Coast Guard turned up no wreckage — nor signs of survivors.

Various debris has washed ashore from the crash, however, including personal affects from those presumed lost.


Altogether there were six people aboard the missing plane, including Flemning, his wife, two teenage sons, and two family friends.

In a message posted to the Superior Beverage website, Joseph R. McHenry, Executive Vice President of Superior Beverage Group, wrote: “While search and rescue operations are under way, we are focusing our efforts on supporting the families involved. We are working closely with the proper authorities conducting the investigation. We appreciate the efforts of the first responders on the scene . . .


As we all await the results of the search and rescue efforts, our hearts are with John, his wife, their sons, and close friends on board, as well as with their loved ones and everyone in the Superior Beverage family.

This is a difficult day for us, and we appreciate the concern and thoughtfulness extended by so many.”


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