Report: 4% Of U.S. Wines Sales In 2016 Were Direct To Consumer

In our digital age, consumers expect immediacy and ease-of-purchase. And that increasingly means getting the products they want delivered to their home — including wine.

According to a report by ShipCompliant and Wines Vines Analytics, given recently at the Direct to Consumer Wine Symposium and detailed by a Forbes news article, 4% of U.S. wine sales in 2016 were direct to consumer. That accounts for $2.33 billion in sales, a 18.5% increase over 2015 in the direct-to-consumer category.

That’s growing at a greater rate than brick-and-mortar wine store sales, the article points out, which have increased 5% since 2013.


The director-to-consumer sales in 2016 accounted for 5.02 million cases, the report says, with consumers spending 3% more on bottles than in the prior year. The top states for direct-to-consumer sales, sent to and within, in 2016 were California (31%), Texas (9%), New York (6%), Washington (5%), Illinois (4%), Florida (3%), Virginia (3%), Colorado (3%) and Georgia (2%)

Smaller wineries (5,000-49,999 cases per year) dominated these sales, the article reports, accounting for 42% of the volume and 47% of the value.




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