Diplomático Mantuano, Planas Rums

Diplomático Rum has announced the release of their new Tradition Range featuring their flagship spirit, Reserva Exclusiva, and two new-to-market expressions, Mantuano and Planas.

DIPLOMÁTICO PLANASMantuano, 40% ABV, which translates to “a local noble man,” is a blended rum aged for up to 8 years, ideal for mixing in cocktails like the Mary Pickford. Mantuano’s body and complexity will also appeal to those who prefer to drink it neat, the company says.

Planas, 47% ABV, aged up to 6 years, is a blended white rum with a sipping profile. A charcoal filtration process helps to balance its flavors and aromas. This rum takes its name from the Planas valley, the region where the Diplomático distillery is located, nestled at the foot of the Andes Mountains.  This white sipping rum can also be enjoyed in delicate cocktails such as a Hemingway Daiquiri.

Reserva Exclusiva, 40% ABV, remains a dark sipping rum and is best enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in classic cocktails like the Old Fashioned and Manhattan.

The new tradition range will be available in certain cities starting in February 2017. The suggested retail prices are Reserva Exclusiva $40, Planas $29, and Mantuano $24, all per 750-ml. bottle.



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