Scotch Whisky Association Supports Plan For 100% Growth In Scottish Drink And Food

The Scotch Whisky Association commented today on a new plan released by the Scottish food and drink industry that seeks 100% growth for their industry by 2030.

The plan’s vision believes that “Scotland will be one of the best places in the world to run a food and drink business and to attract and retain investment from home and abroad. And it means that turnover in farming, fishing, food and drink will have doubled and hit £30 billion by 2030, thanks to the accelerated growth delivered by industry ambition and investment, collaboration, political will, streamlined and effective support and the skills of the workforce.”

The plan points towards progress achieved since the launch of the Scotland Food & Drink Partnership in 2007 as reason to believe in the ambition goals. This progress includes 56% growth in Scottish exports since 2007, with 40 bottles of whisky now exported every single second.


Naturally, the SWA praised this vision of doubling the growth of Scotch at home and abroad.

“The new strategy — Ambition 2030 — will ensure that the whole sector will become even more substantial in years to come. And we’re confident Scotch Whisky — which accounts for around three quarters of Scottish food and drink exports — will remain the biggest contributor to the sector,” the association said on their website.


“We are committed to helping others grow their businesses, for example through our Export Collaboration Charter with Scotland Food and Drink. Our award-winning Scotch Whisky Industry Environmental Strategy can also provide a blueprint in helping the entire sector achieve its sustainability aims,” the association added.


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