Lost Spirits Awarded Patent For High-Tech Maturation Techniques

A company with unique, state-of-the-art aging techniques had received a patent on those technologies.

Lost Spirits Technology has announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office have awarded the company two patents governing its distilled spirits maturation process.

US patent applications 14/594,944 and 14/795,841 have been issued notices of allowance by USPTO. They describe processes for maturing distilled spirits involving heat driven esterification and photocatalytic polymer degradation of oak barrel staves.

Lost Spirits has shown that its patented process creates chemical reactions in distilled spirits similar to those that take place in oak barrels over the course of decades, the company says. Bryan Davis, the inventor named on both patents, has published data demonstrating that the new technology can nearly identically match the chemical signature of a 20-year-old rum — but do so in under a week’s time.

The awarding of these patents enables Lost Spirits to commercialize, protect and further develop its technology. “This includes designing and marketing unique matured spirits that are impossible to produce via conventional spirits-making techniques,” the company states, “in effect creating a new spirits growth platform.”


Utilizing its patented process and associated THEA reactor, Lost Spirits Distillery recently released its “Abomination” line of whiskies. Abomination whiskies combine Islay spirit with charred and toasted oak staves seasoned with California late harvest Riesling.

Headquartered in the Los Angeles Arts District, Lost Spirits Technology LLC operates as an Intellectual Property licensing company focused on commercializing the firm’s IP. Though they are operated by the same team, the company is distinct from Lost Spirits Distillery.


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