Rock and Rye 100-Proof 6-Year Whiskey

The Cooper Spirits Co. has announced a 6-year-old, 100-proof Hochstadter’s Slow & Low Rock and Rye, a higher proof limited-edition of its standard bottling.

This has a drier taste profile than Slow & Low 84 Proof, the company reports, and sports an orange label that further distinguishes it. This follows the launch of the Slow & Low Rock and Rye 8-year-old at 100 proof. 

Slow & Low is based on the historical bottled cocktail “rock and rye.” Slow & Low combines straight rye whiskey, Florida navel oranges, raw honey from Western Pennsylvania, Angostura Bitters and a small dose of rock candy.


Slow & Low is best enjoyed straight from the bottle, the company says: savor it neat, over ice for an instant Old Fashioned, or paired with a beer, as a shot.

The history of Rock and Rye dates back to the early 1800s, when barkeeps in saloons would serve a shot of rye whiskey, often unaged, with a small bowl of rock candy which could be added by the customer to help take the edge off. Later, to avoid consequences of the growing temperance movement, the drink moved to pharmacy counters as a pre-bottled cure-all for the common cold, sniffles, sore throats, coughs and any manner of ailment.


At 50% ABV, the Slow & Low 100 Proof 6-Year retails at the suggested price of $39.99 per 750-ml bottle.


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