Moon Harbour French Whiskies

Two blended whiskies from Bordeaux, France, will be available in the U.S. in early 2018: Moon Harbour Pier #1 and Moon Harbour Pier #2.

These are blended by Scottish distiller John McDougall, combining the distillation traditions of Scotland with the art of oak aging from France.

Pier #1 is a blended whisky finished in French Sauterne oak barrels, giving the whisky a lush sweeter style and rounder, softer finish, the company reports. Pier #2 is a highly peated malt whisky finished in red wine oak chateau barrels, for a more earthy, complex, straight-forward style.


Moon Harbour is the first distillery located in Bordeaux, the company says. The Moon Harbour name was chosen for the crescent moon outlined by the Garonne River at the entrance of the city of Bordeaux.

The founders of Moon Harbour started this project in 2014, and selected a former World War II bunker, located at the Port of Bordeaux, for its headquarters. Future distillations will be using local barley malt, and shortly, Moon Harbour will be  using corn from the South of France and distilling 100% malted corn, barrel-aged whisky. 


Moon Harbour is imported by Eclipse Importing, Northbrook, IL. For more information, see the Moon Harbor website at, or contact Richard Ward, Eclipse Importing, at or 312-805-3505.


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